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Intro and pics (X-posted)

Okay, today i did some more work with my hair... And i loved the results, which ended in me becoming a very eager camera slut... heh
So i thought i'd use the pics to inspire myself to write an introduction to the communities i joined recently.

I am a transgender/intergender/poligender androgynous biogirl, sometimes i identify as ftm (and think that perhaps its where i headed in the future, though right now i wouldnt feel comfortable living as a male 100% of the time). I hate being called a female, but every now and then i get very girly. When this happens, though, i feel most comfortable acting as an effeminate guy, rather than a girly girl (like it happened today and what led to the pictures). I am mostly attracted by females, but i love androgynes, ftm and mtf transexuals, and am very much pansexual. Perhaps the only exception would be very manly men, im not very attracted to those. But everything else, me likes.

I pass as male about 70% of the time, but mostly as an effeminate/youngish male. I pass about 30% of the time as neither or both (androgynous, which people find very confusing), and a very small percentage of the time as a very butch female. I am 20 years old, but most people think im a boy of about 14 or 15.

I took T for a few months two years ago to lower my voice and pass more as androgynous, and little by little i've been sliding more and more towards the male side. I am on T again now, and have been for about 6 months. I want to have a oopho/hysto as soon as possible, since the fact that my body is physically able to conceive and carry a child is, to my mind, an abherration. I am not meant to have children, or at least not bear them myself. I am also considering having top surgery because i dont feel these breasts belong to me. Luckily, they're small enough to be easy to conceal without binding often (gotta love sportsbras).

My gender changes every day, and sometimes even througout the day. I have very girly days and very manly days, and everything in between. I almost always lean towards the masculine side of the spectrum, from butch onwards, but most of the time im between butch and girly-man or boi. Sometimes, i feel like my sex should match my gender, and some days i find myself wishing that i had a penis. Some others i dont. So nothing is absolutely certain with me.

Other than that, im out to my close friends, im still very in the closet with my family, and in general i dont comment about my gender or sexuality unless people ask, i basically let them draw their own conclusions, which makes for a very interesting variety of ideas.

Umm... Oh, and i am mexican, live in Mexico City, and study Veterinary Medicine.

Ah, and, silly me, forgot to say my name. I am MishAngel, or Misha, or Angel, each name represents a side of my genders, Misha represents the female side and Angel the male side. Im almost always MishAngel, but i simply go by Misha for short. But all three names are okay with me (well, i picked them, after all..)

Piccies under the cut.

These pix are of me, having a VERY girly/effeminate boy day. (im not always like this... heh, usually more manly, or at least less girly)

In the two pics below what im holding in my hand is a mini-blacklight lamp (kinda like the ones they use in CSI), because my hair glows under blacklight! The second pic is after i turned the lights off. It doesnt glow all that much because the mini blacklight doesnt light all that much at all... if i ever take a pic under my bigger blacklight, i'll post it.

Enjoy! (Its not often that i take good pics of myself...)

X-posted in _hmm, androgynes, androgyny, drag_kings, ftm, genderqueer, i_am_pansexual, intergender, polygender, polygender_ppl, transgender. (I apologize if im not meant to xpost so much, i just wanted to intro myself in all communities now rather than continuing to stalk without an introduction...)
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