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The famous intro post!

(crossposted-ish elsewhere, sorry if thats naughty!)
Well, I've decided to plump on here to get a few things off my chest and maybe some help/support with girly-guy issues (both giving and receiving). I'm currently 31 and, having got to a comfortable place in my life am trying to gradually get back to the state when I was happiest - from 16 to 19 I was a dyed-in-the-wool femboi; hotpants, stretch tops, fabulous legs, well conditioned hair ... you get the idea. Then, in my second year of Uni in Manchester I was attacked.

I'll do a little bio on the buildup and drop down and stuff, but try to keep it brief for you peeps ;-)

I was always a girly boy as far back as I can remember and my sister was always a boyish girl, and our ex-hippie parents were quite happy about this. At secondary school I surpressed my desires and just dressed shabily, but as soon as I left the gloves were off and I plucked shaved and minced with the best of them.
University in Manchester was even more liberating, and I got good enough that on more than one occasion I was mistaken for a girl from the back. I never hid that I was a boy, didn't crossdress to extremes and just enjoyed being myself, especially around the village.
One summers night I was making my way back home from a boyfriend's place I got jumped by two Liam Galagher lookalikes, one held my arms and the other used me as a punchbag. There was a lot of blood, but the police said I was lucky they stopped after I passed out; the only real damage was emotional.
I dropped out of Uni, met a woman who was instantly my best friend and we decided to live together; I needed a shelter from the world, she needed a shield from her overbearing father.
That worked for about the next 10 years, and despite burying my Fem side our straight friends always said they thought of me as the wife and her as the husband. As I grew stronger and after her father passed away we drifted to the point where I moved out (amicably, we're still best friends) and in due course met a lovely guy and moved in with him.
Now I find myself free to explore my girlyness again; I'm growing my hair, got my ears re-pierced and have shaved my legs (razor burn is a bitch) ... there's more to come and I know I can't pull off wearing quite such sexy clothes anymore, but I have a target and an understanding man behind me ^.^ I hope I can meet some likeminded people here and maybe even some new friends - don't be too shy to say hi!
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