Part Time Princess (naughtygrrrl) wrote in intergender,
Part Time Princess

Crossposted :)

what can I say, I should have done this a long time ago. I wanted to post to communities I joined and introduced myself and meet some new ppl :).

My journal is friends only. Why? because, these are very private thoughts and I don't want just anyone having access to them.

First a little bit about me. I'm a late 20's girl living in florida. When I say girl, I mean that loosely, since I am, genetically a boy. I've been crossdressing and experimenting with my gender since I was 12 and am very much comfortable with the person I am. Although there are many times that I have wished to be a real girl, I know that the odds of that happening in this lifetime are slim so I've accepted the fact that inside I am 100% female. (and hell, sometimes on the outside I look 100% female :)

I'm going to use this journal as an outlet for the real me that I don't let anyone else see because its a very private part of myself that I do not want judged.

So to my friends who have added me before, you can stay if you wish, but you've been warned.

To friends that are adding me now, I welcome you :)
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